Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Construction
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Add: 18th floor, 8 Xixin Road, Wuxi


P.C.: 214031


Tel: 0510-2722229


E-Mail: (Content through this link in mandarine only)


Supervision Hotline: 0510-82722229




I. Implement and enforce the guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to urban and rural construction and administration; research on and draft or coordinate the drawing up the drafts of local rules, regulations and policies in the light of the actual circumstances of this Municipality; research on and draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations in respect of national defence communication, and organise or coordinate the implementation of relevant rules, regulations and policies.


II. Research on and formulate the urban and rural development strategy of construction and administration, and draw up medium-term and long-term planning and annual plan in accordance with the City's Planning of National Economy and Social Development; organize the formulation of national defence communication planning and plan.


III. Organize, direct, coordinate and administrate the research and formulation of policy regarding comprehensive, systemic and long-term significant issues in the areas of construction and administration.


IV. Raise and use of urban construction funds according to the authorization of the Municipal government, and strengthen the supervision and management of use of urban construction and management funds.


V. Organize, direct, coordinate and supervise relevant law enforcement in the work of construction and administration; be responsible for the administrative management and trade management of the construction industry (including renovation and decoration industry) and building materials industry; incubate and normalize the construction and building materials markets; be responsible for formulating normal anti-seismic design applicable to all types of housing and auxiliary facilities thereof, and municipal public utility construction projects; be responsible for the management of anti-seismic design and building of construction projects.


VI. Organize, direct, coordinate, and supervise and urge the implementation of important construction projects of the city; organize early stage demonstration and project technology reserve of major projects of city; organize the examination and approval of project proposal and feasibility study report within the scope of its authority; organize examination or examination and verification and approval of preliminary design projects.


VII. Organize the formulation of the construction standards of village and town; direct and advance the construction and administration of village and town of the districts and countries.


VIII. Be responsible for the city's national defence communication work.


IX. Organize and coordinate foreign economic, trade and technical cooperation of our own setup; be responsible for the administration of foreign affairs of our own commission.


X. Undertake other matters assigned by the Municipal Government.




I. General Office ( also Division of Policy and Regulation)


II. The Office of Chief engineer (also Division of Scientific Research and Design)


III. Division of Comprehensive Planning


IV. Division of Urban Construction (Division of Rural Construction)


V. The Administrative Office for Construction Industry


VI. Division of Project Construction


VII. The Administrative Division for Tenders and Bids of Construction Projects


VIII. The Administrative Division for Project Cost


IX. The Administrative Division for Comprehensive Development


X. Division of Party Affairs and Personnel (Veteran Cadre Services)


XI. Division of Propaganda and Education


XII. Union (Youth League Committee working in the same office)


Office of Discipline Inspection and Supervision is set up according to relevant regulations.


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