Liangxi District
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Liangxi District, officially established on February 20, 2016, is the central urban area of Wuxi. It was merged by three former urban areas of Chong'an District, Nanchang District and Beitang District. With total area of 71.5 square kilometers and permanent resident population of 950,000, Liangxi District has 156 communities in 16 residential streets. “Liangxi” is another name of Wuxi since ancient times. It has deep cultural heritage and is a very precious historical and cultural heritage of Wuxi. Using “Liangxi” to name the new district after merging the former three urban areas reflected the inheritance and protection of ancient place names and also highlighted the status of Liangxi District as the central urban area of Wuxi.


Liangxi District has outstanding regional advantages. Liangxi District is the traditional city center of Wuxi with dense crowds and convenient transportation. It only costs 20 minutes to drive to Sunan Shuofang International Airport; the Wuxi comprehensive transportation hub integrating railway stations, bus stations and public transportation centers is located in Liangxi District; the Wuxi Metro Line 1 and Wuxi Metro Line 2 connect in the area under administration, with 18 subway stations currently.


Liangxi District has solid industrial foundation. Liangxi District is the traditional business center and financial center of Wuxi. It is also an important birthplace of industry and commerce in Wuxi. “Silk city”, “rice city”, “cloth wharf” and “money wharf” in the history all originated from here, having strong tradition of paying attention to industry and favoring commerce. In 2018, the gross regional domestic product was 126.934 billion yuan. Occupying land area of 1.5% in the whole city, Liangxi District contributed 11.1% GDP gross, with GDP output reaching 1.775 billion yuan per square kilometer. The added value of the service industry accounted for 84.8% of the gross regional domestic product, and the total retail sales of consumer goods was 98.903 billion yuan, ranking first in the whole city. The new generation of information technology industries led by the modern service industry, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things have shown good development momentum.


Qin Yongxin holds the post of Secretary of the Liangxi District Committee at present. Xu Lixin, holds the posts of Deputy Secretary of the Liangxi District Committee and District Mayor of Liangxi District at present.


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