Binhu District
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Binhu District, a municipal district of Wuxi, Jiangsu, is located in the southwest part of the urban area, has area of 629.44 square kilometers, among which the land area is 257.89 square kilometers, and had had permanent resident population of 696,900 by the end of 2014.


In February, 2001, there was part adjustment of administrative division in Wuxi. Mashan District was repealed, and the original administrative region of Mashan District and 7 towns involving Fangqian Town, Meicun Town, Xin’an Town, Huazhuang Town, Dongjiang Town, Xuelang Town and Nanquan Town of the originally county-level Xishan District were included into the outskirts of Wuxi, renamed as Binhu District, Wuxi. In May, 2001, adjustment work was basically finished. At present, the Binhu District People's Government is located in No. 500, Jincheng West Road in Lihu Residential Street. By the end of 2014, the whole district had governed Hudai Town, Mashan Residential Street, Huazhuang Residential Street, Xuelang Residential Street, Liyuan Residential Street, Taihu Residential Street, Helie Residential Street, Rongxiang Residential Street, and Lihu Residential Street, counting up to 103 community neighborhood committees and 7 social neighborhood committees integrating villages and residential quarters. Binhu District has 1 national-level tourist holiday zone, 1 national-level industrial design park, 1 national-level digital film industrial park and 1 national-level sensor network innovation demonstration zone and 4 provincial-level development zones involving Wuxi Landscape City, Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi Economic Development Zone, and Wuxi Taihu City (referring to province-level development zone system), realizing gross regional production of RMB 71.8 billion, general public budget revenue of RMB 8.3 billion, fixed-asset investment of RMB 49 billion, finishing scale total industrial output value of RMB 49.62 billion and total retail sales of consumer goods of RMB 24.94 billion. Chen Xilun holds the posts of Deputy Secretary of the Binhu District Committee and District Mayor of Binhu District at present.


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