Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on the Change of Division of Labor of Some Deputy Mayors
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Xi Zheng Fa [2018] No. 25

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Office of Wuxi Municipal People's Government

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Comprehensive government affairs - agency affairs



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Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on the Change of Division of Labor of Some Deputy Mayors


Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on the Change of Division of Labor of Some Deputy Mayors


All city (county) and district people's governments, municipal committees, offices, bureaus and subordinated units,


According to personnel changes and work needs, the division of labor of some deputy mayors has been adjusted through research.


Liu Xia shall be responsible for the work of education, culture, health, population, family planning, sports, tourism, ethnic and religion, broadcasting, film and television, and news and publishing.


In charge of Wuxi Municipal Education Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, News and Press (Wuxi Municipal Copyright Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Cultural Heritage Bureau), Wuxi Municipal Committee of Health and Family Planning, Wuxi Municipal Sports Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Tourism Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Ethnic and Religions Affairs Bureau, Education Supervision Office of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government, Juna Group and Culture and Tourism Industry Group.


Contact Wuxi Municipal Committee of Youth League, Wuxi Women's Federation, Wuxi  Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Wuxi Federation of Social Science Circles, Wuxi Red Cross, Wuxi Committee for Caring for the Next Generation, Wuxi Media Group, Wuxi Radio and TV Station, Jiangsu radio and JSCN Wuxi.


Lu Zhijian shall be responsible for the work of civil affairs, business, development zones, foreign affairs and Hong Kong and Macao affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, legal system, government affairs service, public resource transaction, local record, archives, military and civilian integration.


In charge of Wuxi Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Commerce Bureau (Wuxi Port Office), Wuxi Municipal Foreign Affairs Office (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office), Wuxi Returned Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, Wuxi Legislative Affairs Office, Wuxi Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, Wuxi Local Record Office, Wuxi Municipal Archives Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade (Wuxi International Chamber of Commerce) and Wuxi Airport Authority.


Contact the Wuxi Taiwan Affairs Office, Wuxi Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Wuxi Federation of Taiwan Compatriots, Wuxi Federation of the Disabled, Wuxi Charity Federation, Wuxi Commission for the Elderly, Wuxi Customs and Wuxi Border Inspection.


Jiang Min shall be responsible for the work of agriculture, rural economy, water conservancy, grain supply, supply and marketing, economic cooperation, counterpart support and poverty alleviation.


In charge of Wuxi Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Agriculture Commission (Wuxi Municipal Forestry Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Agricultural Machinery Bureau), Wuxi Municipal Grain Bureau, Wuxi Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and Wuxi Meteorological Bureau.


Wuxi Municipal People’s Government


May 28, 2018


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