Wuxi Municipal Information Office
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According to "the Jiangsu Provincial CPC Jiangsu Provincial People's Government on the issuance of “Wuxi City institutional reform program” notification (Su-Committee [2001] No. 132) and "Communist China Wuxi Wuxi Municipal People's Government on the issuance of (Wuxi City municipal party and government organs institutional reform to implement the views of) notification "(tin-commissioned fat [2001] No. 14), established in Wuxi City Information Office of the main responsibilities are:


(I) the implementation of national, provincial information about the work of the principles, policies and regulations, research the work of drafting the city's information-based local policies, laws and regulations and technical norms, standards, and organization.  


(II) with the relevant departments to study the formulation of the work of the city's information technology development strategy, medium and long-term planning, the annual plan and organize the implementation and supervision and inspection; with the relevant departments to organize information and indicators of published statistics and information; coordinate and solve problems in the work of information technology major problems.

(III) responsible for the preparation of the city's information technology investment in the annual plan, review the information submitted to the city of construction investment projects; supervision of the city's informatization construction special development funds.  


(IV) in charge of the city's electronic information technology, innovation, achievements and products, the promotion of industrialization; guide enterprises that integrated circuits and computer technology systems integration company that qualification; that the relevant departments responsible for organizing enterprise software and software products To guide the work of the software industry association.


(V) to guide and coordinate the city's information industry development; organize and coordinate the city's information industry, a major construction project.

(VI) organization, coordination and guidance to the development of information resources, communication and use of the pipeline (network) infrastructure such as planning and construction work.  


(VII) to coordinate and guide the city's information network security technology, equipment and supervision of product management; to guide the city's information network and guard against computer viruses work.  


(VIII) organization, coordination and guidance of information and propaganda education for all, work with the departments concerned to do a good job of information professionals in the forecast, such as planning, information technology is responsible for international cooperation and exchanges.  


(IX) the contractor entrusted by the municipal government and other matters.



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