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Asian hospitals discuss about delicacy management in Wuxi
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On July 19, the 2018 Asian hospital delicacy management seminar & 2018 hospital management Asia summit opened in Wuxi. It was the first time for the Asian hospital management convention having long enjoyed a good reputation in the field of Asian hospital management to land in the mainland in China over the past 16 years, attracting nearly 30 international hospital management experts and over 300 directors of hospitals from 8 countries including Singapore, Japan and India. Deputy Mayor of Wuxi Liu Xia attended the opening ceremony.


This conference with rich contents had the explanation of leaders of the China Hospital Association on Health China 2030 action plan, the introduction of the latest application of intelligent robot in the medical field and others. High-level academic exchange of hospital management made the conference be wonderful.


According to introduction, the Asian hospital management conference set up the “2018 Asian Hospital Management Award (China Award)” for the first time in the mainland in China and announced awards on the evening of July 18. 168 projects of 55 hospitals in China participated in the competition, and 32 projects of 25 hospitals got on the podium finally. Wuxi No. 2 People’s Hospital respectively won the annual Chinese hospital CEO project gold award of the “2018 Asian Hospital Management Award (China Award)”, the best clinic service gold award and the best scientific and technological innovation project award of excellence..

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