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Water carnival in Huishan Ancient Town
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In hot summer, water park has become a good place for citizens to relieve summer heat. “Surprising Summer” 2018 water carnival in Huishan Ancient Town opened officially on July 13. it will last until August 19.

The water carnival opens from 9:00 a.m. to 21:30 p.m. every day. The activity scope is the Nine Dragon Wall of Huishan Ancient Town and the region of outer square, integrating various interactive experience projects including water big adventure, fantastic magic show, dreamlike fountain show and icy food heaven.

According to the director of the scenic area, all the water sports events at the scene put the safety of tourists first, and the water facilities and fantasy fountains are all new equipment with safety completely reaching the national standards. Starting from the installation of facilities and the access of water and electricity, the scenic area tracked and controlled all the way, standardized the operation and ensured that every facility was firm and stable with good wind resistance and no potential safety hazards. In terms of water quality, the scenic area regularly changes water, uses the latest water quality guarantee technology and arranges daily test and retention sample to strictly control PH value within the specified range, so that all young and old tourists can safely play with water. At the event site, each pool is under special care with warning signs set up and tourist and equipment quarantine measures isolated. At the same time, 1 fire fighting truck is equipped, with medical room and professional rescue personnel to guarantee safety of tourists all day long.

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