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Jianghai West Road Expressway is open to traffic
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Following the opening of the west section of Qiangao Road Jianghai West Road Expressway two months ago, on September 28, the eastern section of Jianghai West Road Expressway was open to traffic, meaning that the rapid transformation of Jianghai West Road was completed three months ahead of schedule. As a major infrastructure project of Wuxi, Jiangyin and Yixing, Wuxi Municipal Public Construction Center started the rapid transformation of Jianghai West Road at the end of 2016. The whole project starts from Xinkaihe of Luoshe in the west and Fengxiang Interchange in the east. The whole journey is about 8.8 km without traffic lights. The time cost of driving from Luoshe to downtown Wuxi will be shortened from about 30 minutes to a little over 7 minutes.

Technical Support: Wuxi WangDao