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Open call for ideas on the 2019 practical projects for the people
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It was learned on September 29 from Wuxi Municipal Development and Reform Commission that CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal People’s Government are openly collecting ideas on the practical projects for the people in 2019.


The collection period is from the date of announcement to October 26. Over the years, CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Wuxi Municipal People’s Government have solved a number of problems closely related to the life of the citizens by doing practical things for the people. The purpose of this solicitation is to further enhance the transparency of the city's practical work for the people, broadly absorb the opinions of the citizens, fully reflect the wishes of the citizens, and make the practical projects more responsive to public opinion, closer to the people's feelings, and more efficient to resolve the people's worries.


Which project proposals are easier to be adopted? It is understood that the content should be targeted and close to the hotspots, difficulties and focal issues that the people are most concerned about and most urgently need to solve, such as: public transportation, urban construction, environmental protection, social security, labor and employment, cultural education, medical and health, safety and civilization. It should be inclusive, with a global significance, a general concern of the public, an urgent need to solve, and a wide range of benefits. It should be feasible, meaning that the proposed practical project can be solved at the municipal level. It should have strong operability and can be completed or seen in the year.


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