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An activity advocating civilization kicked off
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"We advocate Wuxi people to talk and behave in a civilized manner!" On September 12, a proposal to promote the citizen's self-cultivation, civility and courtesy was released. Municipal leaders Yuan Fei, Teng Lanying, Gao Yaguang and Jin Yuanxing attended the launching ceremony.


On the occasion of the 16th Citizen's Moral Publicity Day, an activity advocating civilization, sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and the Wuxi Municipal Civilization Office, was launched in the urban and rural areas of the city, aiming at citizens' self-cultivation training, honesty and publicity education, and civilized behavior rule of law. According to the plan, after two to three years or even a long period of efforts, citizens' ideological and moral, civilized etiquette will be greatly improved, to help create a "clean, beautiful, unblocked, smart and civilized" Wuxi.

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