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Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on Promulgating the List of Approved Rights for the Whole Chain of Development Zones at or Above the Provincial Level
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Xi Zheng Fa [2018] No. 24

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Wuxi Municipal People's Government

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Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on Promulgating the List of Approved Rights for the Whole Chain of Development Zones at or Above the Provincial Level


Notice of Wuxi Municipal People’s Government on Promulgating the List of Approved Rights for the Whole Chain of Development Zones at or Above the Provincial Level


Each city (county), district people's government, municipal committees, municipal units directly under the city, and relevant development zones,


In accordance with the spirit of the Decision of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government on Promulgating the List of Authorizations for the Whole Chain Examination and Approval of National Development Zones (Su Zheng Fa [2017] No. 86), in order to promote the reform and innovation of the development zones of the city, to continuously deepen the reform of "distribution management" for “excessive, good management and excellent service”, to strive to create a first-class business environment of internationalization, rule of law and convenience, and to increase the advantages of Wuxi's high-quality development, the government decided to announce 187 approved rights for the whole chain of development zones at or above the provincial level including Wuxi High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangyin High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Jiangyin Lingang Economic Development Zone, Yixing Economic and Technological Development Zone, Yixing Environmental Protection Technology Industrial Park, Xishan Economy and Technological Development Zone.


The cities (counties) and districts involved in the empowerment of the development zone must strengthen their leadership and provide strong support for the development zones to undertake empowerment. The development zone shall, in accordance with the principle of unanimity of powers and responsibilities, establish and improve the list of powers and responsibilities, assume the examination and approval responsibilities and management responsibilities of the undertakings, standardize the administrative examination and approval procedures, effectively improve the ability to undertake and approve, and actively accept the guidance and supervision of higher authorities; follow the principles of "who approves and who shall be responsible", "who is in charge and who shall supervise" "who is exercising power and who shall be responsible", strengthen the post-event supervision and ensures that the power runs smoothly and efficiently; it is necessary to explore boldly and actively promote the innovative management service system of “one seal for approval, one team for law enforcement, one center for command, one platform for credit management, one grid for overall management. All relevant departments of the city should take the initiative to dock, effectively strengthen the guidance service, ensure the orderly implementation of the empowerment work of the development zone, and continuously enhance the dynamic vitality of the innovation and development of the development zones.


Wuxi Municipal People’s Government


May 25, 2018

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