Create a new world for leisure and holiday
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On September 12, the “Cultural Tourism Summit Forum” kicked off in Wuxi Wanda Travel City. Zhou Minjun, Chairman of the Wuxi Municipal Committee of the CPPCC, Yuan Fei, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee and Director of the Propaganda Department of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, Liu Xia and Sun Zhiliang, Deputy Mayors of Wuxi, attended the forum. Experts from the fields of culture and tourism gathered together to conduct in-depth discussions on creating a new world for leisure and holiday and promoting the high-quality development of cultural tourism.


At the forum, focusing on creating a leisure tourism new world, the guests actively contributed ideas and suggestions for the development of Wanda Travel City. Experts said that tourism is the carrier and culture is the soul of the cultural tourism industry. In the process of developing the cultural tourism industry, Wuxi should pay attention to inheriting Wuxi culture and telling the story of Wuxi, so that tourists can change their travel mode from sightseeing to leisure and vacation, so as to attract tourists to have “secondary consumption” in Wuxi. Therefore, it is necessary to study tourism and leisure characteristics of the new generation and introduce more personalized tourism and leisure products.


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