Shangneng Electric's first overseas factory was put into production in India
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On September 12, Shangneng Electric, located in Huishan Economic Development Zone, announced that its first overseas PV inverter-manufacturing base had been officially put into operation recently. The base is located in Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, India. This move marks a new stage in the development of Shangneng Electric's business in India and overseas markets.


The responsible person of Shangneng Electric said that at present, India has become the third largest PV market after China and the United States. The company attaches great importance to the development of the Indian market and is systematically in the process of industrial layout. The Indian PV market has become a pivotal part of Shangneng's global strategy. The plant that Shangneng Electric has set up in India is expected to become a production base for Shangneng Electric's export in the future.


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