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High-level leaders of AESC of Japan investigates in Wuxi
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On September 25, Acting Mayor of Wuxi Huang Qin met a group led by AESC President and CEO of Japan. The two sides actively explored the vast market of the energy storage industry for in-depth negotiations. Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government Xu Lixin, attended the meeting.

Huang Qin said that Wuxi, as an open coastal city and a Japanese-owned highland, has vigorously developed an open economy in recent years, attracting a number of Japanese companies with global influence, such as Sharp and Mitsubishi, to invest in Wuxi. AESC is the world's leading passenger battery power battery company, with leading edge and core competitiveness in the field of safety, reliability and new technology research and development of power lithium batteries. It is hoped that AESC will further deepen its understanding of Wuxi, relying on Wuxi's strong manufacturing base and the first-mover advantage of the Internet of Things industry to continue to promote the research and development of lithium batteries, and deepen strategic cooperation in the field of energy and Internet of Things to jointly create a brand new energy industrial ecology. Wuxi will spare no effort to provide policy support and efficient services, and create a quality business environment for enterprises to deepen cooperation in Wuxi.


Reportedly, AESC is a professional battery solution company formed by Nissan after its original battery business is independent. Since its establishment in 2007, it has been engaged in the independent research and development, production and sales of power lithium batteries (systems), which are soft in ternary lithium batteries. Leading position in the field of package technology and leading the development of new generation battery technology.

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