Set up an innovative bridge to link top universities in Germany
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On September 12, the 2018 Wuxi (Binhu) KIT Innovation Technology Matchmaking Conference, hosted by the Wuxi Municipal Science Association and Binhu District, kicked off. A team of experts from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in the fields of automation, mobile systems and robotics gathered with Wuxi entrepreneurs for the technical development and brought a high-quality innovation feast.


“With a superior geographical position, a beautiful natural environment, a strong industrial base and strong economic strength, Wuxi is a fertile ground for the development of emerging industries.” The head of the expert team from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology said that the college hoped to build an international innovative bridge for deeper cooperation in the fields of electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, etc. to help Wuxi industry innovation and development.


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