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University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca sign cooperation memorandum of understanding
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On September 15, University of Cambridge and AstraZeneca signed cooperation memorandum of understanding with the Wuxi Municipal People’s Government to open a cross-border cooperation among government, industry and university. Governor of Jiangsu Wu Zhenglong met a group led by AstraZeneca Global CEO Suboko and Vice President of University of Cambridge Andy Neri and attended the signing ceremony. Li Xiaomin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Wuxi Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and signing.



Wu Zhenglong welcomed the arrival of the group. He said that at present Jiangsu is studying and implementing Xi Jinping's socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, striving to promote high-quality development in the forefront and speeding up the construction of a "strong, rich and beautiful" new Jiangsu. In this process, we will focus on two things, one is to promote the construction of healthy Jiangsu, and further improve the physical quality and health of the people; the other is to promote the development of kinetic energy transition, taking internet and internet of things as the focus and main attack direction of developing new economy and further intensifying the innovation of new business models and new models for economic development. To complete both of these things is to combine the Internet of Things with the health industry. The signing of this agreement will jointly promote the development of the healthy Internet of Things industry, which is highly compatible with the development direction of Jiangsu and Wuxi.

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