New students welcomed in Binjiang College
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On September 13, binjiang college, Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology Binjiang College Wuxi Campus welcomed the first batch of 2,427 undergraduate freshpeople (including 127 overseas students).

The school has set up a number of "emergency assistance" systems on both sides of main roads, which can be called for in case of emergency. In addition to security, the first batch of freshpeople in the new campus also gained a lot of attention. Each new student was given a free voucher for a souvenir meal and a gift bag with life items. According to the director of the student affairs office, there were seven students' birthdays on September 13, and the college held a group birthday party for them (as the picture sohws).

According to the principal of the college, the school follows the principle of cultivating talents for the development of local industries in Wuxi, so in 2018, it integrated and set up the Internet of Things Engineering School and the Rail Traffic School. In terms of teachers, the school has a total of 595 full-time teachers, with a doctor rate of over 40%. Among them, there are some high-level talents such as experts of the "The Recruitment Program of Global Experts" of the organization department.


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