Yinxiuyuan Community distributes assistive devices for disabled residents for free
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"I really appreciate the community for taking the initiative to care for us every year!" Recently, when the staff of the Association for the Disabled of Yinxiuyuan Community, Liyuan Residential Street, Binhu District sent a new anti-decubitus mattress to the mother of the disabled Zhou Qihui, they were very happy and thanked the community.


Reportedly, staffs of the Association for the Disabled of Yinxiuyuan Community have actively declared and distributed auxiliary equipment for the disabled in the jurisdiction. In order to do a good job, the community conducted a thorough investigation of the disabled in the area. It was learned that six disabled people were in need of auxiliary equipment, so the association staffs applied for anti-decubitus mattresses and barrier-free flashing alarm kettles for them. A variety of assistive devices, such as the blind radio, has been delivered, praised by disabled people and their families.


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