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Wuxi Cultural Fair will create a "People's Carnival"
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Cultural bigwigs and senior Tibetan friends will participate in the event; traditional intangible cultural heritage and the trend of the top goods will be exhibited. On October 11, the 8th Wuxi Cultural Fair will debut in Taihu International Expo Center. What are the highlights of this year's Cultural Expo? The reporter explored the site ahead of time and brought first-hand information.


During the Cultural Expo this year, 12 theme pavilions, including the Wenchuang Jiangsu Pavilion, the Creative Living Pavilion, the Overseas Art Museum and the Jewelry Jade Sculpture Hall, will all be on display at the event site with splendid contents. The immersive experience activities of various scenes will be a magic weapon for gathering the crowd. This year, hand-made floral, antique original hair accessories, handmade experience of leather goods, printmaking experience and VR & 3D printing, e-sports entertainment, intelligent education and parent-child interaction will turn the five-day cultural fair into a real "People's Carnival".

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