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Sunway TaihuLight stood out on International Supercomputing Conference
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This time, Sunway TaihuLight stood out on the International Supercomputing Conference with its eye-catching “Light of Application”. It’s learned from the National Supercomputer Wuxi Center that on the International Supercomputing Conference held in Dallas on November 15 (U.S. local time), the center presented three “bright spots” — papers, talents and achievements.


Papers being included by the top international conference show the height of scientific research. International Supercomputing Conference is the top conference in the field of international supercomputers, and its international influence is self-evident. This year, the National Supercomputer Wuxi Center has a total of three first-author papers on machine learning, molecular dynamics and seismic simulation. This means that the high-level application of Sunway TaihuLight is further recognized internationally, and also means that supercomputing is exerting tremendous energy in real scientific research activities and industrial activities.


Talents being focused by top international conference show the strength of the research team. Dr. Gan Lin, a member of the National Supercomputing Wuxi Center team, won the Outstanding Newcomer Award from the High Performance Special Committee and became the first recipient of the Chinese scientific research institution since the establishment of the award. Gan Lin is also the recipient of the “Gordon Bell Award”, the highest award in the world of supercomputing. He joined Sunway TaihuLight Project during his study for Ph.D.


In addition, in the third year of the release of Sunway TaihuLight, another result of a new generation of graph computing system for ultra-large heterogeneous system architecture was nominated for the “Gordon Bell Award”, which was developed by Tsinghua University’s research team.


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