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SK Hynix Happiness (Wuxi) Cleaning unveiled
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Recently, SK Hynix Happiness (Wuxi) Cleaning was unveiled at SK Hynix Reception Center. The company is expected to recruit 90 groups in need of social support, including people with subsistence allowances and disabled people. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wuxi High-tech District and Secretary of CPC Xinwu District Committee, attended the unveiling ceremony.


"With the development of society, the call for 'social enterprises' is getting louder and louder. How to establish a sound mechanism so that enterprises can contribute more social benefits while creating economic benefits has become a hot topic concerned by all sectors of society." SK Hynix's CEO Park Sung Wook said SK Hynix Happiness (Wuxi) Cleaning would create more social values, fulfill corporate social responsibilities and strive to create a happy society.


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