Foreign Exchange
The import and export volume of our city ranked second in the province in the first three quarters
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The sound development of import and export business plays an important role in improving the international competitiveness and comprehensive national strength. At the opening of China International Import Expo, according to the statistics of the customs, from January to September this year, the city's foreign trade import and export totaled 69.75 billion US dollars, of which imports were 27.41 billion US dollars, up 17.0% and 16.8% respectively. The import and export scale of our city continued to rank second in the province.


Reportedly, this year, Wuxi's general trade performance was stable. From January to September, the import and export of foreign-invested enterprises increased by 17.4%, 0.4 percentage points higher than the city's average level, accounting for 63.2% of the city's foreign trade import and export. Among them, exports and imports increased by 17.5% and 17.4% respectively. In the same period, the import and export of private enterprises increased by 16.2%, accounting for 27.7% of the total import and export value of the city. Among them, exports increased by 17.3%, higher than the city's average of 0.2 percentage points, and imports increased by 13.7%.


Relevant persons from Wuxi Municipal Bureau of Commerce said that the scarce raw materials needed for domestic economic development can be realized through foreign trade, and the benign operation of import and export can compensate for the imbalance of the stage structure of economic development, raise the total output level, gradually realize the rationalization and upgrading of the industrial structure and enhance the economic risk resistance.

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