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"I came with the needs of more than 50 companies in Brazil," said Wang Dianxing, President of Brazilian China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, in a hurry. He told reporters that in the previous inspection, Wuxi Food Science and Technology Park had already entered their sights; and after communications, Brazilian China Council for the Promotion of International Trade had planed to establish a headquarters in Liangxi District, and some Brazilian companies would register here at the end of this year. Learning that Liangxi District has a series of policies aimed at enterprise innovation and development, technological innovation and talent leadership, Wang further strengthened his determination and confidence to settle here.


The other day, these innovative development policies were freshly released at Liangxi District Innovation Conference, sending a clear "signal": the strategies of driven by innovation and developing the city by industries will be implemented based on the characteristics of central urban areas to create a new engine for regional urbanized industry.


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