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The Third Yangtze River Delta International Education Expo helps students in Wuxi dialogue with the college admissions office
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How to get the favor of the ideal university admissions officer in the application of studying abroad is a major concern of the families studying abroad. On November 7, the reporter learned that Wuxi Daily Newspaper Group and the International Education Alliance of Yangtze River Delta would host the "Third International Education Expo of Yangtze River Delta" to gather admission officers and embassy counselors of 65 world famous universities as well as domestic well-known international schools, to provide the students of Wuxi with the opportunity to face the admission officers directly.


It is understood that this expo, exclusively named by the Wuxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China and co-organized by JJL Overseas Education, will be held at Hyatt Regency Hotel in Suning, Wuxi on November 24. A total of 65 schools and school representatives from the United States, Britain, Australia and other hot countries were invited. These schools include the University of Southern California, the University of Edinburgh, the University of Sydney, King's College of the University of Western Ontario and many other world famous universities.

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