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Admissions officers of 65 overseas famous schools gathered together
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The other day, the 3rd Yangtze River Delta International Education Expo, sponsored by Wuxi Daily Newspaper Group, exclusively named by Wuxi Branch of Agricultural Bank of China, and co-organized by JJL Overseas Education, attracted more than a thousand groups of Wuxi families to discuss ways to improve the success rate of study abroad.


On the spot, the admission officers of 65 world famous universities and the former education counsellors of Chinese consulates in Britain and Japan gave detailed answers and guidance on the study abroad policy, cost, professional choice, employment and other issues concerned by the families in Wuxi. According to a number of admission officers, Chinese students' weak abilities in self-care, practice and resistance to setbacks are not conducive to their successful application for overseas universities. Admissions officers at the University of Southern California in the United States suggest that parents should start preparing for overseas study by themselves, such as changing the way everything is arranged for their children, and letting them try and experience more to cultivate their self-care ability. Foreign prestigious universities value students' thinking ability, innovation and leadership, etc. They suggested that students should learn to plan their future before applying for overseas study and obtain as many internship and practice opportunities beneficial to their majors as possible. In addition to show the work they have done, students should also think about the current situation and problems of their internship positions and even the industry and put forward their own ideas.


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