Winter is coming!
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Everyone knows that there were two waves of cold air this week. The first wave of cold air arrived on December 3, and the smog that continued in Wuxi for many days was swept away. The second wave of cold air is stronger. According to the forecast of Wuxi Meteorological Bureau, it is expected that the highest temperature in the city will drop to 6℃ on December 7, and the minimum temperature will drop to 0℃ on December 8 to December 9, and the maximum temperature is only 2-3℃. There will be sleet or snow on December7, and medium to heavy snow on December 8 to December 9. It is expected that the temperature will rise from December 10 to December 11 and it will rain again. The continuous rainy (snow) weather will be maintained before December 11. Wet and cold "magic attack" is on the line, please pay attention to add clothes.


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