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Accurate delineation of "performance portraits" of industrial enterprises
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After a year of investigation and multiple data checks, the city has thoroughly found out the performance of the city's industrial enterprises step by step. Recently, the Promotion Meeting on the Evaluation of the Industrial Enterprises’ Resource Utilization Performance was held. Deputy Mayor Gao Yaguang attended the meeting.


Performance evaluation can accurately delineate the "portrait" of the enterprise. In order to improve the accuracy of enterprise information, the collection of information was carried out in three steps - to find out the actual situation of the enterprise on the spot, to accurately learn about the number, name, operation status and specific location of the enterprise, and to verify the land use of the enterprise one by one by combining technology with manual measurement. Reportedly, the performance evaluation of the above-scale industrial enterprises has been basically completed; and the industrial enterprises, covering an area of less than 3 mus, are under evaluation. The performance evaluation will form the analysis report as soon as possible, and the implementation details of differentiated policies are also being formulated at a faster pace. Relevant regions and departments will comprehensively apply the evaluation results to strengthen the classified guidance and accurate service for enterprises in the city.

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