Wuxi cultural tourism came to Xi 'an to hold a promotion meeting
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Recently, Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group led representatives of Turtle-head Peninsula, Huishan Ancient Town, Plum Garden and Liyuan Park went to Xi'an to hold a special promotion conference for Wuxi tourism products.


Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group carried out an overall promotion for the tourist routes and products carefully created tourist routes and products aiming at Xi’an and Central China markets, focusing on the brands of “Tai Lake, Huishan Ancient Town (Erquan), Li Lake, Rong’s Plum Garden”, showing the rich Wuxi natural resources and a strong cultural heritages. Subsequently, Wuxi Cultural Tourism Development Group and Xi'an Guantianxia International Travel Service Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in 2019 to strengthen the tourism stickiness between Wuxi and Xi'an, realize mutual benefit and sustainable development, and achieve cooperation and win-win in 2019.


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