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SK Group, SK Hynix and France IRCAD signed medical cooperation
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Recently, SK Group, SK Hynix and France IRCAD High-End Medical Cooperation Project Signing Ceremony was held in Wuxi High-Tech Zone. Deputy Mayor Liu Xia attended the event.


IRCAD is a French non-profit organization with global advanced surgical research and training facilities. IRCAD has more than 4,000 medical teams from more than 90 countries visiting and receiving training each year in the fields of laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive surgery, as well as retrograde innovation research and education. At present, the center has 240,000 professional medical members, forming the world's largest surgeon exchange platform.


SK Group established IRCAD Center in Wuxi in order to develop jointly with domestic medical schools and medical institutions in the core clinical level, and the location was selected in SK Wuxi Hospital. IRCAD's project construction in Wuxi will enable excellent domestic medical teams to communicate and share technologies with more than 800 top medical teams in the world without going abroad, and even allow foreign doctors in need of high-end medical technology to receive training in China. The project will be put into operation in 2021.


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