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EU Communications Experts Group visits China Mobile Wuxi Branch to experience car networking project
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Recently, the 5G-DRIVE expert team of the EU "Horizon 2020" research project went to Wuxi to experience the application of 5G and vehicle networking technology. Members of the EU 5G-DRIVE team come from universities, research institutes, communication equipment manufacturers and vertical industry players in the EU countries, and are composed of the core strengths of the EU 5G industry. The EU delegation visited the Wuxi Car Network LTE-V2X city-level demonstration application project and experienced intelligent traffic scenarios such as traffic light speed guidance, road hazard warnings and intersection collision warning. The experts were deeply impressed by the company's first-hand experience in 5G scale trials and application exploration, and expressed strong interest.


The world's first car network LTE-V2X city-level large-scale demonstration project has been launched in Wuxi in September, 2018. The demonstration project is now able to provide traffic control information, "vehicle-infrastructure (V2I)", "vehicle-vehicle (V2V)", "car-pedestrian (V2P)" information and other application scene data. “In terms of function realization, it is suitable for citizens to travel and provide accurate and intuitive personalized information service in real time. It can remind drivers of illegal vehicles and annual inspection due information at any time. Before driving, they can accurately understand the traffic congestion and construction control," said Zhang Jianbin, Deputy General Manager of China Mobile Wuxi Branch.


In the on-site exchange, the two sides also discussed and shared experiences on 5G technology and vehicle networking applications, and introduced the test progress and research results of 5G technology in China and Europe. In the future, the two sides will play their respective advantages, carry out technical research and experimental cooperation, jointly promote the development of 5G technology industry and commercialization in China and Europe, and build a bridge for the development of China-EU 5G.



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