High-tech Zone and Midea Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement
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Recently, Wuxi High-tech Zone and Midea Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement, marking a new prelude for deepening cooperation and common development. Acting Mayor Huang Qin met with Chairman and President Fang Hongbo of Midea Group Co., Ltd. and his associates and attended the signing ceremony. Wang Jinjian, Deputy Mayor of Wuxi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wuxi High-tech Zone, Secretary of Xinwu District Party Committee, and Xu Lixin, Secretary General of the Wuxi Municipal People' Government, also attended the event.


Huang Qin congratulated the cooperation signing. He said that as a world-renowned technology enterprise group, Midea Group has a profound historical relationship with Wuxi. As early as 2008, Midea Group became the controlling shareholder of Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. Through share acquisition. In the past ten years, with the joint efforts of both parties, the business income of Wuxi Little Swan has grown from less than 4.3 billion yuan to over 20 billion yuan today, becoming the headquarters of the US washing machine business of Midea Group and achieving leapfrog development. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. For Wuxi people, Little Swan is one of the most representative enterprises in Wuxi in the past 40 years. It bears the memory and pride of Wuxi as a famous city of industry and culture, and contains the sincere feelings that are difficult to give up. It is hoped that Midea Group could continue to use the "Little Swan" brand and combine with the technology and resource advantages of Midea Group to further expand and strengthen itself. In recent years, Midea Group has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading, and actively deployed emerging industries such as artificial intelligence, chips, big data and cloud computing, and continued to conduct research and increase investment. The advanced planning of the enterprise is in good agreement with the new generation of information technology industry, intelligent manufacturing, modern service industry and other pillar industries led by the Internet of things, which Wuxi focuses on. It is expected that Midea Group will further strengthen cooperation with Wuxi's advantageous industries and promote cooperation between the two sides.


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