Jiangyin "Skynet" powers "Blue Sky Defense"
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Recently, a piece of good news came from the "Two Sessions" of Jiangyin: the city's "Blue Sky Defense" won the first battle, not only overfulfilled the annual coal reduction task, the air quality rate of good and excellent reached 71.2%, an increase of 5.1 percentage points, the urban PM2.5 concentration also dropped by 8.3%.

In order to realize the full time and all-weather control of the atmospheric quality in the whole city of Jiangyin, in June last year, 20 sets of automatic atmospheric monitoring stations were built and put into operation. The relevant person in charge of the city's environmental protection bureau introduced that "skynet" is not only a set of detection system, but also a monitoring network system woven by various functional departments and enterprises. Enterprises also take the initiative to assume the main responsibility for environmental governance. In 2018, 45 chemical enterprises were shut down and 90 were upgraded, basically completing the renovation of chemical enterprises in key planning areas along the Yangtze River.


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