Top ten "Tourism + Characteristic Leisure Industry (Products)" won special support
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The reporter was informed that the winners of the 2018 "Tourism + Characteristic Leisure Formats (Products)" were announced, and ten formats (products) including Shangtian Leisure and Vacationing Wedding Experience were selected. They will receive a total of 2 million yuan of special support funds in 2019.


"The selected formats (products) are novel and unique, which reflect the personalized needs of tourists." According to the responsible person of Wuxi Municipal Tourism Bureau, the winning projects not only focus on making up for the weakness of the tourism agglomeration, but also emphasize the obvious characteristics of the integrated development of tourism, industry, agriculture, culture, sports, health and recreation, commerce and other industries, as well as the high enthusiasm of tourists." Cross-border integration is the trend. Although Wuxi has been selected as one of the first Chinese tourism and leisure demonstration cities, the innovative development of leisure industry is still the top priority. At present, Wuxi's tourism industry is still relatively short of the characteristic leisure formats and products that can attract tourists.


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