Affected by the blizzard blue alert, 13 trains in Wuxi were stopped
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The reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of Wuxi Railway Station, faced with the blizzard blue alert released by the central meteorological station, Wuxi Railway Station had stopped 13 trains to Wuhan, Hankou directions, and was expected to affect more than 3,000 passengers. Wuxi Railway Station specially reminds, the suspension will be timely adjustment according to the snow.


12 trains affected by the snow are G7151, D3056, G7160, D3022, G7564, G7159, G7575, G7164, G7231, G7371, G7222, D3021 and G122 from Wuxi East Railway Station. As the current Spring Festival transport has not started, in the low season, affected passengers are not many. Wuxi Railway Station reminds passengers who have bought the ticket of suspended trains that they can go to the station window with the ticket within 30 days (including the same day) to handle the refund procedures. Passengers who have purchased tickets on the 12306 website but have not exchanged paper tickets can refund the tickets directly on the website without any service charge. For information about the train number and time, please call the railway customer service hotline at 021-12306.


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