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Long-term care insurance was formally implemented
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A few days ago, the municipal government held the first press conference in 2019, announcing that the long-term care insurance system will be officially implemented in the city from January 1 this year. "The birth of the new system is a milestone, and the 'short board' of the city's social security system finally eliminated." Yang Qiaoliang, Deputy Director of Wuxi Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, said frankly that long-term care insurance is the "first insurance" of the integration of urban and rural social security in our city. 5.6 million insured workers and residents in the urban area, Jiangyin and Yixing are all included in the "umbrella" to ensure that the insured people who have been disabled for a long time due to old age, disease and disability can live a more decent and dignified life.

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