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High-tech Zone increased 11 "foreign expert studios"
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Recently, High-tech Zone increased 11 "foreign expert studios". Among them, 7 units including Wuxi Little Swan Co., Ltd. were named as the third batch of "Jiangsu Foreign Experts Studios". Four units including Wuxi Wanli Adhesive Materials Co., Ltd. were named the third batch of "Wuxi Foreign Experts Studios".



The foreign expert studio system is the first innovative mechanism of talent introduction in Jiangsu Province. It is an important measure to improve the management service of foreign talents and gather high-level foreign talents. In recent years, High-tech Zone has actively expanded channels for attracting talents, and explored and utilized various intermediary agencies and resources of overseas cooperation organizations by setting up overseas stations, regularly contacting and other forms. The district has carried out the national, provincial and municipal talent plans in depth, made great efforts to break through the regional talent policies, and for the first time, vigorously promoted the flexible introduction of talents into the district's "Feifeng Talent Plan" to accelerate the gathering of foreign talents who are "in short supply". Up to now, there are 23 "foreign expert studios" in High-tech Zone, which is the most densely populated area of foreign expert talents in Wuxi.


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