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Five new minibus lines will be optimized for operation next month
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Recently, reporters learned from Wuxi Wuxi Bus Group that the five minibus lines will be optimized at the end of the month. These lines are mainly from residential areas and schools where residents are concentrated, and directly to subway stations and peripheral main roads. "Compared with ordinary bus lines, the minibus line mileage is shorter, generally about 5 kilometers; the frequency of departure is greater, and one shift is 10-20 minutes," as the relevant person in charge of the bus group introduced.


There are five main directions for the minibus line that will be optimized for operation:


Open the micro-circulation line or community bus of Liutan Subway Station-Renqian Road, let the residents of Tianhe Community, Fengxiang Xincheng, Linluyuan Community, Jinshengyuan Community, Liutan New Village and other districts have direct access to Liutan Subway Station and main roads; optimize and adjust the minibus line 6, so that the residents of Yulan Garden and other districts can directly reach the Nanhujiayuan Subway Station and the surrounding main roads; open the Huazhuang micro-circulation line, so that the residents of Shuixiangyuan and Taihujiayuan can directly reach the Huazhuang Vegetable Market; open the Jiangnan University-Coastal City microcirculation line, allowing Jiangnan University and vocational college teachers and students to go directly to Changguangxi Subway Station and Jiangda Dongmen Subway Station; open the Coastal City-Wuxi National Digital Film Industry Park microcirculation line, so that the citizens around the industrial park can have direct access to the surrounding main roads and subway stations.


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