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The High-tech Zone introduced the first foreign enterprise specializing in recycling and reusing waste resources
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On February 27, the Ground Breaking Ceremony of Jiangsu Sangui Resources Recycling Co., Ltd. was held in the High-tech Zone. This is the first foreign-invested enterprise specializing in the recycling and recycling of waste resources in the High-tech Zone. After the plant is completed and put into production, it can dispose of 35,000 tons of organic solvent waste liquid with an annual sales of 300 million yuan.



It is understood that the high-quality industrial base and business environment of the High-tech Zone have attracted companies such as Hynix, Murata and Huahong. These companies produce a large amount of organic solvent waste liquid in the production process, but only two companies in the region have carried out comprehensive utilization of organic solvent waste liquid. The project's settlement not only can maximize the core advantages of Toyota Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and MIKI Co., Ltd., but also can improve the level of hazardous waste disposal in the High-tech Zone, enhance the environmental carrying capacity of the whole region and promote the development of regional circular economy.


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