China's first Twin City Metro Card will be on sale in Wuxi on March 22
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The reporter learned from Wuxi Metro Group, in the background of accelerating city rail integration of Yangtze River Delta, Wuxi Metro and Ningbo Metro launched the country's first Twin City Metro Card. The card will be available for sale on March 22 on the official online store of the two metro websites.


The Twin City Metro Card is a customized one-way ticket with one card and two chips, which can be used once in Wuxi and Ningbo respectively. At present, the Twin City Metro Card has been presold in Wuxi and Ningbo at a price of 58 yuan. Citizens can make reservations through the official Taobao store of Wuxi Metro, "Metro Culture Customer", the "Ningbo Metro GO" WeChat mall and the "Love Metro" platform. Members of Wuxi Metro Commemorative Ticket can also directly call 0510-81966365 to make a reservation or contact the administrator through the official QQ group of Wuxi Metro Commemorative Ticket. Members who have successfully booked the ticket can receive it on March 22.


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