Put forward suggestions on how Wuxi can be more "intelligent"
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According to Wuxi Municipal Big Data Bureau, the Evaluation of New Smart Cities in 2018 is underway, and citizens' experience and suggestions on smart city construction can be put forward through Alipay.


It is reported that this evaluation work is organized by the National Development and Reform Commission, the Central Internet and Information Office in conjunction with the relevant departments. The evaluation system consists of the "Basic Evaluation Index" reported by the local evaluation and filling system through the national e-government external network platform and the "Citizen Experience Index" collected by the third party through big data. Among them, the data of "Citizens' Experience Index" to investigate citizens' satisfaction are given by conducting "Questionnaire Survey on Citizens of New Smart City Construction" organized by prefecture-level and above cities. Citizens can open the Alipay for questionnaire evaluation and questionnaire filling.


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