Huang Qin received public visitors and visited staff engaging in petition work
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On March 12, Mayor Huang Qin came to the reception center, received the masses and visited the staff. Huang Qin stressed the need to implement the people-centered development thought, further do detailed petition work, and make every effort to solve the people's concerns. Zhang Mingkang, Secretary General of Wuxi Municipal Government, accompanied Huang during the visit.


Huang Qin asked the relevant departments to coordinate the transaction according to the law and regulations from people-oriented perspective. Huang Qin stressed that to do a good job in the petition work, we should adhere to the concept of being close to and convenient for the people; we should promptly sort out problems raised by the people, implement policies that are in line with them, publicize and explain policies that are not in line with them, and report back to the public in a timely manner of those that involve their long-term interests; we should adhere to the problem orientation and draw inferences from each other; while promoting the resolution of complaint reporting problems, we should pay attention to the prevention of incisive and tendacious problems and strive to resolve disputes at the grass-roots level. It is necessary to give full play to the function of the joint meeting mechanism of petition work, strengthen the coordination between departments and regions, timely and properly solve the reasonable and legitimate appeals of the masses, and further improve the level and quality of the petition work in our city.


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