Wuxi first batch of 307 technology entrepreneurs "came out"
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It was learned from Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that the city's first batch of 307 science and technology entrepreneurs had "come out."

According to introducing, more than 90 percent of the 307 science and technology entrepreneurs are from high-tech enterprises. Related person in charge of Wuxi Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said, "A number of small high-tech enterprises has gradually grown into the industry 'giants', owning to the leading role of entrepreneurs." According to the data of research and development investment, the research and development investment of their enterprises is also much higher than the threshold set by the selection. The average investment in research and development of most enterprises from 2015 to 2017 can reach more than 5%, while some enterprises are much higher than this standard, even reaching more than 10%.



In order to stimulate the innovative vitality of the city's enterprises, in recent years, the city has hold a variety of innovative enterprise training sessions, and constantly introduced a series of "gift packages" benefiting enterprises, encouraging them to constantly transform and upgrade and to increase the intensity of scientific and technological innovation.


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