Continue to promote tooth brushing activity in campus
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On March 12, the seminar on tooth brushing activity was held, launching the 2019 Wuxi campus oral health education and publicity. Reportedly, the tooth brushing activity was jointly initiated by Wuxi Municipal Civilization Office, Wuxi Municipal Education Bureau, Wuxi Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and Tongshan Oral Hospital in September last year


This year, students of pilot classes of Wuxi Government Kindergarten, Jiangxi Kindergarten, Primary School Attached to Wuxi Normal School Jiangsu, Wuxi Big Bridge Academy will be issued a physical examination. At the same time, each student's oral condition will also be gathered into a summary table for teachers and doctors. From March 18, dental doctors will come to relevant schools to check the oral health of students, so that they can develop the habit of brushing their teeth in time after meals.



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