The scope of customized airport shuttle service has been expanded
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Reporters learned from Wuxi Highway Passenger Transport Department, from today on, the free shuttle service back and forth Shanghai airports of "Wen Wen Da - Wuxi Custom Passenger Transport" will be expanded, and new early morning and night flights will be increased to achieve full coverage of 24-hour operation.


In March, 2018, free shuttle service back and forth Shanghai airports (including Pudong, Hongqiao and Disneyland) was officially launched, providing a door-to-door carpooling service with a daily delivery volume of over 100 passengers. In order to meet the needs of more passengers, free shuttle service will be extended from the original Rapid Inner Ring to Jianghai Road and Airport Road in the east, to Gaolang Road in the south, to Qingqi Road and Lihu Avenue in the west and to Fengxiang Road in the north.


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