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Meiyuan Kaiyuan Temple Station will open a green channel
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Reporters learned from Wuxi Metro Group, with the arrival of travel peak passenger flow, the Meiyuan Kaiyuan Temple Station of Metro Line 2 will open a one-way ticket channel and no package rapid security channel to improve the efficiency of travel.


As the weather turned sunny, people have come out of their homes to enjoy the spring outing, metro passenger flow also increased. According to statistics, during the last seven days, the total passenger flow of line 1 and line 2 reached 2,269,400, with the average daily passenger flow of 324,200, an increase of 40,000 compared with normal times, including 398,400 on March 8 last Friday.


In view of the upcoming passenger flow peak, the "green channel" will be opened at Meiyuan Kaiyuan Temple Station of Metro Line 2 to facilitate the diversion of passengers with and without bags, accelerate the speed of passengers entering the station during the peak period of passenger flow, reduce the queuing time and improve the traffic efficiency. Wuxi Metro Group advises citizens to choose a reasonable route to avoid the weekend travel peak. In addition, in order to save the time of repeatedly queuing up to buy tickets, passengers are advised to buy return tickets after getting out of the subway station, and the one-way tickets purchased on the same day can be used at the same station. If a passenger uses a citizen card, a time card or a mobile phone to take the subway, he/she should confirm the balance of the card and the number of rides in advance.



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