Liangxi set up the Fertility Whole Service Alliance
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In response to the new demand brought by the "Second-child Era", Liangxi District initiated the establishment of the Fertility Whole Service Alliance in the city recently, to provide residents in the area with a systematic, continuous, integrated and coordinated maternal and child safety guarantee service system.


Hua Yan, Director of the Women's and Children's Health and Family Planning Service Center of Liangxi District, said that the Fertility Whole Service Alliance will integrates the units in the whole process service chain of before, during and after childbirth, including maternity hospitals, children's hospitals, and maternity and child health care programs at all levels. 36 units including service centers, district health supervision centers, district disease prevention and control centers, family planning service agencies, sub-district and community health service centers, city psychological counselors associations, and postpartum care centers. Each member unit will closely follow the service demand orientation and provide precise service.


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