Our city promotes construction of "1-hour commuting circle"
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Recently, the Jiangsu Environmental Protection Public Net released the announcement on Wuxi-Taicang High Speed Environmental Assessment, attracting much attention. "For Wuxi, not only will there be a new expressway to Taicang, but also the connection between Wuxi-Taicang Expressway and Wuxi-Yixing Expressway in Wuxi North Interchange. Yixing citizens can quickly reach Taicang and Changshu through Wuxi-Taicang Expressway and go to Shanghai. You can also avoid the busy Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and choose to take the Wuxi-Taicang Expressway." Yesterday, reporters learned from Wuxi Municipal Development and Reform Commission that including Wuxi-Taicang Expressway, our city scheduled seven new major infrastructure projects and 10 early-stage research projects concerning Wuxi, Jiangyin and Yixing to speed up the construction of "1 hour commuting circle".


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