Wuxi first garden waste disposal station on duty
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On March 13, machinery rumbled in a factory building near Gonghuwan Wetland. Bundles of dead branches and rotten leaves were "swallowed" by branches crusher. Under the cutting of rolling blades, wood chips were sprayed down from the outlet of the machine, and in a short time they piled up into a hill. After drying and aging, the wood chips were sent to another large crusher by the conveyor belt. After secondary crushing, the dark brown fine materials were piled up in the corner of the factory. "After degradation, this is the best organic fertilizer!" Pointing to the piles of fine materials, Li Zhe, General Manager of Wuxi Xinli Environmental Biotechnology Co., told reporters that next, the stacking fermentation of organic fertilizer would be sent to the conservation of green land for soil improvement.


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