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Bulletin of the office of Wuxi Municipal Government on the Inspection of the Citywide Government Website in the First Quarter of 2019
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Xi Zheng Ban Tong [2019] No.17

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Office of Wuxi Municipal People's Government

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On websites, documents, government bulletins

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Initiative publicity

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The whole society

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Publicity after being drafted by the department and approved by relevant offices

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Comprehensive government affairs -- e-government



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Information, circulars, government websites

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Bulletin of the office of Wuxi Municipal Government on the Inspection of the Citywide Government Website in the First Quarter of 2019


People's governments of cities (counties) and districts, and relevant departments and units of cities,


According to the Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites (Guo Ban Fa [2017] No. 47) and the Implementation Opinions of the Jiangsu Provincial Government Office on Promoting the Orderly and Healthy Development of Government Websites (Su Zheng Ban Fa [2017] No. 96), the inspection of the city's government websites in the first quarter of 2019 is as follows:


I. Basic situation of the inspection of government websites


i. In January, the city launched the inspection of government websites in the first quarter of 2019. A total of 46 government websites were inspected, and the acceptance rate of random inspection was 100%.


ii. This quarter (as of February 22), a total of 15 comments were received from netizens who said "I find mistakes for government websites". Relevant regions and departments have conducted verification, processing and feedback as required, and the completion rate was 100% on schedule.


II. Issues need to be paid attention to


i. Although the inspection qualification rate was 100%, some websites still have problems such as "column not updated in time" and "wrong chain and broken chain". All relevant units shall make rectification item by item according to the monitoring report, and send the electronic documents of the monitoring report on the website inspection in the first quarter (including comments and screenshots of the rectification situation item by item) to by February 24.


ii. In the process of promoting the reform of municipal institutions, all units should carry out website organization work in the first time, and do a good job in the integration and migration of information content and service of relevant government websites, so as to ensure the organic integration of website content, orderly storage of data and seamless connection of services.


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February 22, 2019 


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