The "Labor Day" holiday will see more discounts on air tickets
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The lowest fare for flying Xi'an is 410 yuan, the lowest fare for flying Dalian is 389 yuan, the lowest fare for flying Beijing is 500 yuan, the lowest fare for flying Harbin is 680 yuan, the lowest fare for flying Guiyang is 489 yuan, the lowest fare for flying Xiamen is 390 yuan... Yesterday, it was informed that with the approaching of the "Labor Day" small holiday, many airlines and travel websites have released special flights for Wuxi outbound flights in the past two days, most of which have a discount of over 50%. Some tickets are cheaper than high-speed rail tickets. In addition, direct flights to Changchun, Kunming, Lanzhou, Chongqing, Chengdu, Changsha and other tourist cities also have launched a large number of special airfare tickets.


According to the airlines, every year on the eve of the holiday, all airlines must release a certain number of low-price tickets to increase the attendance rate. Need to be reminded that online special fares will change with the number of bookings. Starting on April 28, prices will rebound.


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